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Celebrating Indian Summer

The air is getting colder As the leaves are falling down And the nights are getting longer We still walk around downtown…   Thanks for stopping by! Advertisements

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I Love the Storm. And People Who Matter

No cliches about friendship needed. We all know that as long as we have true friends we can rely on no matter what, we are safe. And I was lucky enough to have a few of them around the world. … Continue reading

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So-called Art(ists)

Here’s the thing. It’ s been a while since I’ve noticed that the word “artist” was becoming widely used. It makes me wonder whether the world is dealing with an extremely strong generation of artists, or whether that’s something else. The Internet … Continue reading

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A Day at the Park. Gucun Park, Shanghai

If you need a break during your stay in Shanghai, Gucun Park is a good option and you should give it a try. It´s the largest forest park in Shanghai and as everything in China, it´s pretty huge. I can … Continue reading

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First time in China. Shanghai

Not so long time ago life took me to China and since I have a few days just to focus on myself, I decided to take a look in my Chinese diary. After certain issues with getting my visa it … Continue reading

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