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Where have you gone, joy?

  Frozen in the moment watching an old man making caramel lollipops. I was sorting out my folders today and when I found this picture it moved me to tears. I was wondering why. It wasn´t any particular memory associated … Continue reading

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Maghreb; Tunisia in Shortcut

  Endless sand… sun… caravans, nomads, camels… ancient trade routes crossing the emptiness… these are a few of the pictures that flash across the mind-screen when most of us hear the words “North Africa”. Many things have changed since those … Continue reading

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Lanzarote; The Moonscape Land

  No matter if you´re young or old You never be alone in la santa La santa sport! It might be the most stupid song ever, but it brings me back to the unworried period of my life when I … Continue reading

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Autumn Feeling. Fall Is a Season for Balancing Light and Dark.

Autumn has arrived as usual with all its colours and staying in your bed feels suddenly incredibly good. I have never been a big fan of autumn since I simply love summer, but I decided to give it a try. … Continue reading

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Fundamental Aloneness?

“We are all alone, born alone, die alone.” Have you ever visited This page shows you the current world population number and it shows it as it goes. The number is increasing and decreasing in turns and you can … Continue reading

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