Berlin Subway: Tales from the Underground

Subway. The most random moments happen there. You never know what or who will cross your path. There is definitely something extraordinary what makes subway in Berlin so cool, most probably the architecture.





Just look up. Just take a few minutes to look up.


Tracing the history.


Step by step..


…but it always only takes the first one..


… either to start something or destroy everything…




…at Grenzallee station


And sometimes it’s just a second before the door closes.


Light in the dark


Thanks for stopping by!



About terissmile

Teresa is the name. I was born in the Czech Republic, but since I always leave a piece of my heart in every place I had chance to live for a while, I feel more like a child of the world. It all started with moments which had a huge impact on my emotional level and on myself as well. Moments seemingly ordinary and insignificant from the common point of view, more specifically emotions written in human faces. I started chasing those candid ephemeral moments that are there only for a second and then they are gone and lost forever - be it loneliness, fear, anxiety, astonishment, joy, love, disappointment, loss... But it´s all real. Real emotions of real people. I do not follow any rules in particular, the only thing I insist on is honesty and genuineness that help me to add life to possibly every shot I take. Since minimalism is my way, I try to keep them as minimalist as possible. That is how I create my world. Take a look if you like.
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3 Responses to Berlin Subway: Tales from the Underground

  1. Andy Townend says:

    Great images, best for me is the girl standing in the line of pillars and I love the colours


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