The Liebster Award

My dear fellow blogger Tieme from nominated me for the Liebster Award which is an award for new bloggers. Thank you Tieme! Following the rules I´m supposed to answer 11 questions by the nominator, state 11 random facts about yourself, and nominate 3-11 others. Well, after struggling with my blog settings it seems I finally made it. Here we go.

1. When do you feel like blogging?
Anytime I can see something significant going on. It might be an evening with people who inspire me, a dream or just some picture from ordinary life of ordinary people.

2. When do not you feel like blogging?
Most likely when I have nothing to say.

3. What do you prefer: A like, a re-blog, or a comment on your posts?
Any kind of feedback is great, but I would say a comment.

4. For what fun reason can people wake you up at night?
To take me on a trip or to tell me a hilarious story.

5. If you are not able to do what you like most for a year, what would you do?
I´m pretty sure I would go nuts.

6. Three times a week pizza, or three times a week being active outdoors?
Well since I´m returning to my active lifestyle I choose being active outdoors.

7. Read a book, or watch a movie?
This is a hard one. I love both, but if I had to choose it would be a book.

8. What are your talents?
I can play the violin, I was a member of the Czech national team (I used to be a sprinter) and I learn foreign languages easily.

9. What are your pitfalls?
I can´t draw at all and patience is not my strong side either.

10. What would it take for you to change jobs, school, or any daily activity?
My decision.

11. Complete the next sentence: I am traveling and in my bag are at least these three items.. (besides the obvious)
Is the obvious one a camera? 🙂 I guess so. Well, a book, a pair of running shoes and warm clothes since I get cold very easily.

Random facts about me:

1. I got my master degree in Poland.

2. I have visited many places, but South East Asia is the number one place.

3. When it comes to shoes it´s hard to stop me.

4. I collect mugs from the places I´ve been to. The newest one is from Berlin.

5. I never give up. Ever.

6. I have two lovely siblings, I´m the oldest.

7. I really hate mushrooms.

8. When I was 20 I met an identical copy of myself who taught me how important is to hold your head high no matter what. I´ve been trying to follow this “rule” ever since.

9. My favourite drink is gin&tonic.

10. I work for one of the biggest gaming company and I´m not a gamer at all.

11. I believe that running a blog was the best idea of mine this year.

My nominees: for his accurate writing about things in our lives that are not easy

Nathalie from because I find here pictures amazing

Nina for pictures that perfectly fit to her writings

Josh – another favourite photographer of mine for his great street pictures

My questions for these people are:

1. Which place in the world you like the most?
2. For what reason have you decided to run a blog?
3. What do you hate the most?
4. If life were a song, it would be…
5. Do you believe in destiny?
6. What is the most common tradition in your country?
7. What is your dream job?
8. Beer or wine?
9. How do you feel about adrenaline sports?
10. Tea or coffee?
11. Do you make a New Year’s resolution?

Have a nice evening everyone!

About terissmile

Teresa is the name. I was born in the Czech Republic, but since I always leave a piece of my heart in every place I had chance to live for a while, I feel more like a child of the world. It all started with moments which had a huge impact on my emotional level and on myself as well. Moments seemingly ordinary and insignificant from the common point of view, more specifically emotions written in human faces. I started chasing those candid ephemeral moments that are there only for a second and then they are gone and lost forever - be it loneliness, fear, anxiety, astonishment, joy, love, disappointment, loss... But it´s all real. Real emotions of real people. I do not follow any rules in particular, the only thing I insist on is honesty and genuineness that help me to add life to possibly every shot I take. Since minimalism is my way, I try to keep them as minimalist as possible. That is how I create my world. Take a look if you like.
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9 Responses to The Liebster Award

  1. Nathalie says:

    Thank you so much for the Liebster Award nomination! This is real awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tieme says:

    Hi Teresa!

    Thank you very much for participating and writing this wonderful blog which gives us some more knowledge about the artist behind the lens!

    Trying to blog when you have nothing to say is very hard, isn’t it? I try to force myself into writing articles, since I want to keep on learning, but it’s hard! (I guess I am not an average blogger who blogs merely to express their selves)

    The violin is a wonderful instrument! You can create happy and sad tones. Love it! And learning languages is very cool too!

    And about the shoes.. I guess that’s why you’re a girl? I think my girlfriend owns quite some shoes she never worn!

    I am very glad that you starting your blog has been such a great experience, and thank you for letting us be a part of it!

    Happy blogging, and all the best to you and your beloved ones.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very nice answers to such difficult questions! Congratulations for this nomination 🙂
    Best wishes for this new year!


  4. jrphawthorne says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog in this post. I´m really enjoying following yours as well and I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Happy new year!


  5. Wait wait, can I still answer this? I am late to the party!


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