Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Shot taken while wandering the streets of Chinatown in London.


Firestation in Chinatown, London.


Thanks for stopping by!


About terissmile

Teresa is the name. I was born in the Czech Republic, but since I always leave a piece of my heart in every place I had chance to live for a while, I feel more like a child of the world. It all started with moments which had a huge impact on my emotional level and on myself as well. Moments seemingly ordinary and insignificant from the common point of view, more specifically emotions written in human faces. I started chasing those candid ephemeral moments that are there only for a second and then they are gone and lost forever - be it loneliness, fear, anxiety, astonishment, joy, love, disappointment, loss... But it´s all real. Real emotions of real people. I do not follow any rules in particular, the only thing I insist on is honesty and genuineness that help me to add life to possibly every shot I take. Since minimalism is my way, I try to keep them as minimalist as possible. That is how I create my world. Take a look if you like. https://thestoryofmylifebyterismile.wordpress.com/
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9 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

  1. I love the doors of a firestation, and what a great background they make for a photo. Great answer to the photo challenge!

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  2. Andy Townend says:

    Great use of colour and the windows leading to and from the figure.

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  3. That works, Teresa, and I really like the red color. You might want to edit to “Thanks for stopping by” rather than “fot.” 🙂



  4. Jane Lurie says:

    Terrific shot, Teresa. Love the graphic nature of it and your subject is positioned perfectly in the rule of thirds. Well done!

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