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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

You always pass failure On the Way to success. You might not be sure where you’re going, but you keep going and that’s what matters. Patience pays off, the way appears eventually. Thanks for stopping by! Advertisements

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We the People

The 70th anniversary jubilee of Pilsen’s liberation by the US Army and the end of World War II was celebrated in my hometown in a spectacular way! Thousands of visitors flock from all over the world to Pilsen so I … Continue reading

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I´ll Miss You Until We Meet Again.

Making a big life change might be pretty scary and quitting your job is definitely one of those big changes. It relentlessly shatters your comfort zone, but what left is there to do when it no longer works for you … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Broken Broken mirror breaks your point of you as well. Find out what your broken mirror represents and feel free to leave it broken. There are still many perfect things that might be seen and that look good even in … Continue reading

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First Step Is the Beginning

No matter how long the preparation, one will never feel ready to take the first step. But once the first step is taken, the journey is not that difficult and scary anymore. Have you started already? Keep it up! Thanks … Continue reading

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