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Teresa is the name. I was born in the Czech Republic, but since I always leave a piece of my heart in every place I had chance to live for a while, I feel more like a child of the world. It all started with moments which had a huge impact on my emotional level and on myself as well. Moments seemingly ordinary and insignificant from the common point of view, more specifically emotions written in human faces. I started chasing those candid ephemeral moments that are there only for a second and then they are gone and lost forever - be it loneliness, fear, anxiety, astonishment, joy, love, disappointment, loss... But it´s all real. Real emotions of real people. I do not follow any rules in particular, the only thing I insist on is honesty and genuineness that help me to add life to possibly every shot I take. Since minimalism is my way, I try to keep them as minimalist as possible. That is how I create my world. Take a look if you like.

Indian Wedding Madness

Written by Kamal Mirwani Pre-wedding Shenanigans This was the first trip to India I was actually looking forward to. No visiting aunties that I had last met when I was five years old, no obligatory pilgrimages to overcrowded temples and … Continue reading

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A White Girl at an Indian Wedding; In a Pursuit of a Lehenga Choli

„Yo, Teresa, Akhil is getting married in India in April, wanna be my plus one”? „Sure! That sounds like fun”! Little did I know what would be necessary to go through during two months prior that event. Well, after booking … Continue reading

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Hanoi Vibes

Unpredictable. Surprising. Chaotic. Full of amazing stories. Delicious food on every corner. Tasty and spicy. Charming. Colonial.   Thanks for stopping by!

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People of Vietnam; Capturing Souls

Here’s the thing. I suck at landscape photography, I really do. I always feel so helpless on every trip of mine when it comes to taking pictures of “things” and I’m always disappointed with the results. Somehow, I’m only able … Continue reading

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Incredible Sapa & around

High in the mountains of Northern Vietnam near the Chinese border lies the town of Sapa, established as a hill town by the French. I took an overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai and just after an hour spent … Continue reading

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