Sunday Walk. My City.


This way. Or maybe not?


Maybe not.


“Don´t lose me now.”


Going forward.


Looking down.


Still going forward. With the head held high.




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With Brave Wings She Flies

“She taught me all about real sacrifice. That it should be done from love… That it should be done from necessity, not without exhausting all other options. That it should be done for people who need your strength because they don’t have enough of their own.”

Being brave not necessarily means that you need to have guts to conquer the world. Sometimes bravery means giving up something precious – something you have wished for – for someone or something else. Sometimes bravery involves recognizing your fear and breathe through it every single day. Or not letting it stop you dead in your tracks.

For some people it´s easier to bleed than sweat. Don´t be one of them.

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Don’t Ask Don’t Care

Saturday evening, music festival, Prague.

Let me introduce you two amazing artists – Silva and Michal whose music will certainly move your souls. DADC are former colleagues from work and both of these guys have always been bringing inspiration into my life whenever I needed it. It’s only natural that their music is inspirational as well. They don’t really spend too much time practising, they just come and play.

Feel free to check them out here and enjoy what these guys have came up with. And be gentle, it’s their first time 🙂


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Psychosomatic Disorders:You Think I’m Mad?


It’s been quite a long time since I haven’t post anything here and today I would like to share with you guys something completely different from the usual. Something hard to understand at the beginning.

Let me tell you a kind of story. As most of you probably know, life can get very messed up from time to time. There are moments where we have to stand the test, suck things up, deal with hardship and endure things no matter what. Sometimes it all just gets too much. Yeah, right. Quite boring so far. But..

After some time suddenly something is wrong and you are in physical pain – be it back pain, rush, nausea, pain in urethra… you name it. There are symptoms so you go to see a doctor hoping to find a reason soon. To your big surprise, despite several hospital visits and tests, there is nothing wrong. The symptoms are persistent so you run another medical tests. You provide blood, urine or other body substances. Still the doctors have no explanations. Seems like you are perfectly healthy so how come you are in constant pain? Your life is revolving around the pain in large measure so you even stop doing things you like such as running or any other physical activity you’re facing the fear of “worsening your disease”.

You perceive yourself as a sick person. Pain, symptoms, tests, but no diagnosis. Over and over again. You start to think – am I mad?

Here is the “secret” that is so hard to understand for our brains used to the scheme “pain-doctor-diagnosis-pills-problem solved”: it’s your own mind playing tricks with you. Body is the only tool of our screaming souls and the pain we feel is triggered by trauma. The mind literally affects the body heavily- in other words- all the emotional turbulences are translated into physical symptoms.

No wonder there are no pills to solve this. Dealing with something that is happening in your mind is very overwhelming especially when people from your surroundings start to believe you’ve gone mad. The good news is there is a way out of this. The less good news is that the way is not easy at all and there might be two backward steps after every step ahead. But once you accept what’s happening to you, you have the best chance of recovery.

The “stop thinking about it and it will disappear” strategy is a perfect start. I know, easier said than done, but you would be surprised how efficient this strategy is once you try really hard. Focus on what causes your pain from the inside; try to find the origin and get rid of it. Become a real master of your own mind. There is always a possibility of relapse, but as your strenght of mind will grow, the periods of relapse will be shorter, less intense and one day you will be free of pain again.

This post is a big thankyou to a person who told me the truth about what was happening to me some time ago and directed me to recovery. At the same time this post is dedicated to all the girls out there dealing with psychosomatic disorders. You will do fine again.

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Pin Up Girls Vol II: Markéta

Isn’t she pretty?




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